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Bachpan ki yaado ka chitrahaar hai rakhi, Har ghar me khushiyo ka uphaar hai rakhi, Rishto ke meethepan ka ehsaas hai rakhi, Bhai behan ka paraspar vishwas hai rakhi, Dil ka sukun or meetha sa jazbaat hai rakhi, Shabdo ki nahi pavitra dilo ki baat hai rakhi. Ye dhaga bandhan ka, Toone to khoob hai nibhaya, Teri har balaye mujhe lag jaye, Baithe hai jis ghane paid ke tale, Koi toofan bhi use chhoo na paye. Rang birange mausam mai sawan ki ghata chai, Khushiyon ki saugaat lekar pyaari behna aai, Raksha bandhan se sajane pyare bhaiya ke kalai, Dekar dher se duayen aur woh le jayegi balaye.

Magi thi duwa humne Rabse. Happy Rakhi! Mere bhai jaisa na hain, naa hoga koyi duja, Mein aarti utar ke karoo teri puja, Man kare hai bhaiyya, main ud ke pas tere aa jau.

Leke balaiya main tujh pe vaari vaari jaau!! Bahen chahe sirf pyar dular, Nahi mangti bade uphaar, Rishta bane rahe sadiyon tak, Mile bhai ko khushiyan Hazaar. Brothers are like streetlights along road, they dont make dist any shorter but they light up path n make walk worthwhile.

I want to tell u, during times when we fought, my love was in different mood. Happy Raksha Bandhan! Your charming smile make my days. With your caring ways you become my second mother. Darling Sister, what may come I will always stand by you. You are a darling sister. You are loving and gentle. You are my little sister and am proud of you and will always be.

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Raksha Bandhan

Govardhan Puja Wishes in Hindi with Images. Spread the love.Post a Comment. Tuesday, 28 June Raksha Bandhan Legend. King Brutra, the powerful demon king, was attacking the Gods army with a furious approach and the Gods were on the edge of defeat. Brihaspati advised Indra to get a sacred thread tied on his wrist on Shravan Purnimaday. The sacred thread powered the Gods not only to get rid of the defeat but routed to a great victory for them.

Thus the sacred thread, also referred as Raksha, protected the Devas. Rakhi Festival or Raksha Bandhan is the festival celebrated by brothers and sisters as the indication of their great relationship.

Rakhi Festival has its great reference in history. The story of the importance of Rakhi festival is mentioned in history which described the relationship between King Purushottam or Puru with Alexander The Great.

In or around B. Alexander the Great of Macedonia invaded India with his huge army. King Purushottam defended greatly with his furious war tactics. The great conqueror of the world, Alexander the great was afraid of Purushottam and called back his army from the battle field.

Alexander was seriously worried of this incident. Alexanders wife heard about the greatness of Rakhi festival and importance given to Raksha Bandhan by Hindus.

Seeing her husband worrying, she went to King Purushottam and tied Rakhi to his hand got his blessings. King Purushottama accepted her as his sister and blessed her for wellness of her family. With that incident, when he got a chance to behead Alexander, he just hold back from the battle field.

Rakhi Pournami festival has various legends in Puranas and other sacred texts. King Bali performed a sacrifice to take Lord Vishnu along with him to his kingdom. As Lord Vishnu blesses his devotees with great boons he accepted to be a guard in Balis kingdom.

But how Laxmi could tolerate this? She went straight to King Bali in a form of a poor Brahmin woman and requested to stay there till her husband returns back. The auspicious day has come — Shravan Pournami — the day to tie a sacred thread.

raksha bandhan par shlok

Goddess Lakshmi tied the sacred thread to Bali. After tying the Raksha, she explained the whole matter. She requested him to send her husband Lord Vishnu along with her to Vaikunta or Vishnulok.

As Bali was kind and generous, mainly devoted to Vishnu and his consort, he felt her sorrow as his own sisters. Thus, King Bali initiated the tradition of inviting sisters to brothers houses to get Rakhi tied on to brothers hands. Rakshabandhan Mantra — Mantram to recite while tying Rakhi.Rakshabandhan mantra, the mantram or sloka, to recite while tying Rakhi is associated with the legend of King Bali and Goddess Laxmi about Raksha Bandhan.

Sisters recite Rakshabandhan mantra while tying Rakhi on to brothers hands. Here is the mantra or stotra of Raksha Bandhanam. Raksha Bandhan date is August I am tying the power of the Vishnu Shakti, in the form of Raksha, on to you hand. With the force and energy of this sacred thread, all the Gods will stand at your side and keep you healthy and wealthy forever.

Reference of Raksha Bandhan in History. Reference of Rakhi Festival in Mahabharat. Legend of Raksha Bandhan in Bhavishya Purana. Rakhi Pujan Thali Preparation. May God strengthen your power. Rakshabandhan Rakhi. Write Your Comment Cancel reply. Pinesh and Vikas Patel says:. August 5, at pm. Shoor says:.

20 Best Raksha Bandhan Shayari in Hindi – Rakhi wishes (2020)

March 20, at pm. Ammu says:. July 29, at pm. Vaishant says:. July 30, at am. Mantram says:. August 4, at pm.A man's tie with his sister is accounted very close.

The two have grown up together, at an age when there is no distinction made between the sexes. And later, when the sister marries, the brother is seen as her main protector, for when her father has died to whom else can she turn if there is trouble in her conjugal household. Mayer, Caste and kinship in Central India Raksha Bandhanalso Rakshabandhan[4] is a popular, traditionally Hinduannual rite, or ceremony, which is central to a festival of the same name, celebrated in India, Nepal and other parts of the Indian subcontinentand among people around the world influenced by Hindu culture.

On this day, sisters of all ages tie a talisman, or amuletcalled the rakhiaround the wrists of their brothers, symbolically protecting them, receiving a gift in return, and traditionally investing the brothers with a share of the responsibility of their potential care. Raksha Bandhan is observed on the last day of the Hindu lunar calendar month of Shraavanawhich typically falls in August. The expression "Raksha Bandhan," Sanskritliterally, "the bond of protection, obligation, or care," is now principally applied to this ritual.

Until the midth-century, the expression was more commonly applied to a similar ritual, also held on the same day, with precedence in ancient Hindu texts, in which a domestic priest ties amulets, charms, or threads on the wrists of his patrons, or changes their sacred threadand receives gifts of money; in some places, this is still the case.

raksha bandhan par shlok

Of special significance to married women, Raksha Bandhan is rooted in the practice of territorial or village exogamyin which a bride marries out of her natal village or town, and her parents, by custom, do not visit her in her married home. Many younger married women arrive a few weeks earlier at their natal homes and stay until the ceremony. In urban India, where families are increasingly nuclearthe festival has become more symbolic, but continues to be highly popular.

The rituals associated with this festival have spread beyond their traditional regions and have been transformed through technology and migration, [15] the movies, [16] social interaction, [17] and promotion by politicized Hinduism, [18] [19] as well as by the nation state. Among women and men who are not blood relativesthere is also a transformed tradition of voluntary kin relations, achieved through the tying of rakhi amulets, which have cut across caste and class lines, [21] and Hindu and Muslim divisions.

Scholars who have written about the ritual, have usually described the traditional region of its observance as north India; however, also included are: central India, western India and Nepal, as well other regions of India, and overseas Hindu communities such as in Fiji.

raksha bandhan par shlok

Anthropologist Jack Goodywhose field study was conducted in Nandolin Gujarat, describes Rakshabandhan as an "annual ceremony Gordon Melton describes it as "primarily a North Indian festival. Anderson and Pamela D. Young describe it as "one of the most popular festivals of North India.

Mandelbaum has described it as "an annual rite observed in northern and western India.

Raksha Bandhan

Faubion "In north India this brother-sister relationship is formalized in the ceremony of 'Rakshabandhan. The Raksha and Janeoo mentioned in your present communication of 17th which you had sent on the occasion of Rakshabandhan got stranded somewhere, and have not yet arrived.This is also the 2nd month of Varsha rainy season.

The month of Shravana is very important for the entire sub-continent of India as it is connected to the arrival of the South-West monsoons. For many Hindus, the month of Shraavana is a month of fasting. Fasting on Tuesdays of this month is known locally as "Mangala Gauri Vrat". Krishna Janmashtami marks the birth of Lord Sri Krishna comes on the 8th day after the full moon and is celebrated with great pomp across the world, especially in the Vaishnava traditions.

It is celebrated on Shraavana Poornima Full Moon. In simple words, Raksha bandhan means "Bond of Protection" [5].

Raksha Bandhan Song (Rakhi) - Hindi Rhymes for Children - Infobells

On this day, an offering of a coconut naryal in Gujaratinaral in Marathi is made to the sea, as a mark of respect to Lord Varuna, the God of the Sea. In the coastal regions of Maharashtra i. Konkana coconut is offered to the sea for calming it down after the monsoon season.

Narali Purnima the beginning of the fishing season and the fishermen, who depend on the sea for a living, make an offering to Lord Varuna so that they can reap bountiful fish from the sea. Fishermen start fishing in the sea after this ceremony. Nag Panchami is also celebrated in many parts of India on the fifth day after Amavasya of Shraavana month.

The last day of the Shraavana is celebrated as Polawhere the bull is worshiped by farmers from Maharashtra. In AD this day Lingayat dharma guru Basava merged with god. Shraavana Poornima day is also celebrated as Shri Baladeva birth Ceremony. Gamha Purnima is celebrated in Odisha.

On this date, all the domesticated Cows and Bullocks are decorated and worshipped. Various kinds of country-made cakes called Pitha and sweets mitha are made and distributed within families, relatives and friends.

Idols of Radha-Krishna are beautifully decorated on a swing called Jhulan, hence the name "Jhulan Yatra". It is an important day for the farmers and women blessed with a son. On the ninth day after Shravana Amavasya, the preparations of the Kajari festival start. This ninth day is called Kajari Navami and varied rituals are performed by women who have sons until Kajri Purnima or the full moon day. In parts of GujaratShraavana Poornima day is celebrated as Pavitropana.

On this holiday, people perform the grand pooja or the worship of Lord Shiva. It is the culmination of the prayers done throughout the year. On Ekadashi Day [11th day], Vaishnavas in Maharashtra, Gujarat and Rajasthan celebrate it as the birth of Pushtimarga, the path of grace. On this day, Lord Krishna appeared in front of Shri Vallabhacharya. Shri Vallabhacharya offered him a thread soothanwhich was pious pavitra.

Since that day every year, Pavitra Ekadashi is celebrated. Such threads are offered from Ekadashi till Raksha Bandhan. Jandhyam is Sanskrit for sacred thread, and Poornima denotes the full moon in Sanskrit. Jandhyala Purnima is observed on the full moon day Poornima in the month of Shraavan in Andhra Pradesh. Brahmins perform the sacred thread changing ceremony on this day and it is also known as Yajurveda Nutanasahitha Upakarma.

In Haryana and Punjabin addition to celebrating Raksha Bandhan, people observe the festival of Salono.Is din sabhi behne apne bhaiyo ki kalai par resham ka dhaga bandhti hai. Behne apne bahiyo ki lambi umar, ache swasthay unki kamyabi ke liye prathna karti hai. Badle me bhai unhe kuch uphar deta hai aur sadev behan ki raksha karna ka vachan bhi karta hai. Raksha bandhan sawan maas ki purnima ko manaya jata hai. Jo ki aam taur par August ke mahine me aata hai. Bharat ke har rajya me ye tyohar badi dhoom dham se manaya jata hai.

Is din bhai behan ek dusre ke prati apne sneh aur rishte ki majbooti ko aur jyada pakka karte hai.

raksha bandhan par shlok

Raksha bandhan ko Rakhi ka tyohar bhi kaha jata hai. Schools, Tuition aur institute me ek din pehle hi rakhi ka tyohar celebrate kar liya jata hai. Raksha bandhan ke khaas mauke par hum aapke liye 20 best Raksha bandhan par shayariNice quotes on raksha bandhan in Hindi, Raksha bandhan status in HindiRakhi wishes for sister, Raksha bandhan quotes for sister, Raksha bandhan wishes for brothers lekar aaye hai. Jinhe share karke aap apni behan aur bhai ka din special bana sakte hai.

Aur apne rishte ko aur jyada pakka kar sakte hai. Neeche di gayi 20 Best Shayari humari taraf se aapke liye Raksha bandhan par ek taufa hai. Jise share karke aap apne bhai aur behan ke sath Rakhi ki khushiyan aur pyar baant sakte hai. Ye bhi padhe Friendship day messages Hindi me. Holi ka tyohar kyon manaya jata hai? Youtube se video download kaise kare? Instagram par account kaise banaye?

Eid kyon manai jati hai — Akhir iske piche ka rahasya kya hai? Valentine day kyon aur kaise manaye jata hai? FaceApp kya hai aur kaise download kare? Facebook par account kaise banaye? ATM se paise kaise nikale? Paytm par account kaise banaye?Shravan pronounced shraavan is the most holy month in the Hindu year. Hindus all over the world celebrate this festival with great joy. We shall discuss the reason for this later. Raksha means protection. Bandhan means to be tied, to be bound. To understand the true significance of Raksha Bandhan, we must first know how it came about.

Bali Raja, the demon king, greatly pleased Vaman Bhagwan by offering his head to step on. Vaman Bhagwan then gave him a boon that Bhagwan Narayan will stay at his doorstep all through the year. She then adopted Bali as her brother, by tying a raksha on his wrist.

This pleased Bali, who allowed her to ask for a boon. She requested that he allow Shri Narayan to return to Vaikunth. Bali agreed. From this episode about Bali Raja, this day is also known as Baleva. I tie on you the devotee the raksha which was tied on Bali. Therefore O Raksha! Do not ever fail to protect this bhakta. Do not ever fail. The most important principle to understand and put in our life is: just as Bali Raja offered supreme bhakti by surrendering his own self and his kingdom to Bhagwan, we should mentally surrender our life to Bhagwan.

This means to believe that whatever we do in life, it is to please Bhagwan and our Guru. We should not do anything which does not please them. Only then will they guard us and protect us from maya. Practical Rituals of Raksha Bandhan On this day a sister will tie a raksha rakhi in Hindi on the right wrist of her brother s.

Before that, she will perform the following rituals of pujan, to show her love for her dear brother: 1. Apply chandlo on his forehead, with kumkum, then with rice grains. Place a flower garland around his neck, a garland which she will have made herself girls who are old enough to use a needle and thread.

Place a whole sweet, usually penda, in his mouth. Tie the rakhadi on the right wrist.